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A Separate Peace Literary Analysis Page

Annotated Bibliography - sample

Annotating for grades 10-12

Check out these steps and helpful hints .  They are as you saw them in class.  :)

Anthology of Insight Rubric

Assignments and "I Get It" week information

Bloom's Taxonomy as seen in class

Cell Phone Use ( A "must read" )

Classroom Expectations

Dialectical Journal

English 10

English 10 Curriculum Outcomes

English 10 Homework Cyber-Style if necessary

Nothing yet

English 10 Independent Novel Study Part 2

English 10 Poetry Project Instructions and Examples

Hello Grade 10s.  You have been working hard in class on your poetry projects,

and soon it will be time to submit them.  In clase you needed more time or were worried

you would not finish, please refer to the examples contained here.  They are as you

saw them :)


English 10-12 Short Stories from the public domain!

English 10 - 12 are invited to use these stories for educational purposes as they do no longer have copyright restrictions attached to them.  However, you should respect them by giving credit where it is due in terms of parenthetical referencing, and works cited credits where appropriate.  Enjoy!

English 11

English 11 Curriculum Outcomes

English 11 Essay topics

English 11 Essay Topics Short Story Learning Module

English 11 Homework Cyber-Style if necessary

English 12

English 12 Curriculum Outcomes

English 12 Homework Cyber-Style if necessary

English 12 Independent "Movie" Presentation

English 12 Most Evil Men and Women in History PPT

English 12 Multi-Genre Unit Selections

English 12 Poetry Project

English Course Outlines 10-12

Essay Writing

Essential English Page

Going to the Moon Literary Response Exemplar

Going to the Moon Passage for annotation

Grade 10 Independent Novel Study Part 2 directions and examples

Grammar and Links to helpful sites

Harvard Expectations

Ever wondered what an ivy - league school looks for in a good student?  It is not fundamentally different than what we look for here at CP! Check out the following article.  I have permission to use it from the author as long as I give it credit.  To that end, it is from the Derek Bok Center for Teaching and Learning

Harvard University, One Oxford Street Cambridge, MA 02138-2901. 
I am not the author, but I like its ideas.  Have a glance; it is not a long read!  :D

How to answer questions in English class

Julius Caesar - Quoting and Introducing

Marking and Grading beyond High School

Hi Grades 10 - 12!! I suppose you are thinking we are picky when we grade your work.  You are probably correct.  However, it gets more challenging when you leave us.  Check out this rubric from Kings College in London.  It covers oral and written examinations, reports, and essays.  Notice that a good student earns 60s!  It is not easy out there, and we challenge you so that you will achieve success after your time with us.  I have uploaded their rubric as a PDF file.  I did not create it nor will I take credit for it in any way.  I do admire its merits, and like its structure however.  This is why it is important that you practice your writing at every opportunity we give you, and make it count.  This is for real, and you can find it at


Happy reading  :)   Mr. N.

MLA - A Student Guide

Romeo and Juliet (Introduction Ideas)

Romeo and Juliet Works Cited Page

Secrets of Successful Writing

This was not created by me.  It was shown to me over a decade ago, and has just recently resurfaced.  I love its messages, and students should find it useful also.  Take some time to read it and heed it.  You will be glad you did.  It is attached as a PDF.

Sentence Writing - The Best Way!! A Must Read!!

The Crucible Act Questions

The Crucible Important Vocabulary

Words with which you should be familiar :)



The Crucible Motif Conference

The Crucible Supplemental Reading

The Lottery Ticket Rough Draft Key Passage Commentary

The precision written paragraph answer Grade 10

Title Page in MS Word Format


Writing Guide for virtually anything in class

Written Commentary (Non-IB-Style) for Mr. Nauss (Crude Example)

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